How To Use Cryptolocally’s Earn Wallet

Do you have crypto just sitting in your wallet? Try our new Earn Wallet. The Earn Wallet helps you earn the best staking rewards on your crypto while keeping full control of your funds! After everything is set up, you can forget about it until you want the crypto back.

There are four key elements to the Earn Wallet: signing up, depositing your crypto into the Earn Wallet, turning on and off the earn interest feature, as well as withdrawing crypto. We will go through them step-by-step.

If you have an account for Cryptolocally, start with step 2

1. Setup your Earn wallet

Step 1. Sign Up

You must have an account for Cryptolocally to use the Earn Wallet. Don’t worry, signing up on Cryptolocally is quick and simple.
Input your email address and choose a Cryptolocally username and password. After verifying your email and entering some more basic information, you are ready to start trading on Cryptolocally!

Creating an account Image 1. Creating an account

After verifying your email, you will be asked for some more basic information, like your name, country of residence, and phone number. Then, please enter the code we sent to your phone number. All verification helps build a basis of trust for new users.

Entering more basic information for sign up Image 2. Entering more basic information for sign up

Step 2. Go to the Earn Wallet

After login, Click on the “Earn” tab on the top of the navbar to go to the Earn Wallet’s sign up page (see image 3).

Navigating to the Earn Wallet sign up page Image 3. Navigating to the Earn Wallet sign up page

Step 3. Set up the Earn Wallet

The “Set up Earn Wallet” window will open and prompt you to create a password (see image 4). Keep in mind that your password must be between 6 and 32 characters and include at least one number, one letter, and one special character.
* Warning! If you lose your password, you will lose access to your wallet and will not be able to regain access to it. Here is why you can't restore your password. *

Setting up the Earn Wallet Image 4. Setting up the Earn Wallet

Click “Confirm Password” to set up the Earn Wallet.

2. Setup your Earn wallet

You will need to deposit cryptocurrency, such as, GIV or USDT, into your Earn Wallet address. To do so, click on the downwards arrow button next to the cryptocurrency of choice (see image 5.1). We will use $GIV as an example.
The wallet address and memo where you have to send the selected cryptocurrency will appear below (see image 5.2).
* CAUTION! Only send corresponding cryptocurrency to a deposit address (GIV for GIV, ETH for ETH, etc.). *

Setting up the Earn Wallet Image 5.1. Choosing the crypto to deposit
Deposit the crypto Image 5.2. Deposit the crypto

3. Turning Earn On or Off

On your Earn Wallet homepage, toggle the button under "Earn" that corresponds to the cryptocurrency that you wish to start or stop earning interest on (see image 6).

Toggling the Earn feature for $GIV Image 6. Toggling the Earn feature for $GIV

4. Withdraw Crypto

If you want to withdraw a specific cryptocurrency, click on the upward arrow button next to it (see image 7.1). Keep in mind that for most currencies there is a minimum amount required in order to process a withdrawal. For example, the minimum amount for GIV is 1,500.

Choosing the crypto to withdraw Image 7.1. Choosing the crypto to withdraw

Fill the required input fields for the crypto you selected. Type in the recipient address, memo (if required), and the amount you want to withdraw (see image 7.2).

Choosing where to and how much crypto to withdraw Image 7.2. Choosing where to and how much crypto to withdraw
Confirming withdrawal details Image 7.3. Confirming withdrawal details

Once you click on “Withdraw” a confirmation popup will appear. Type your Earn Wallet password and the confirmation code received over email. Click on “Confirm withdrawal” and check your wallet for the transaction.

5. Note To All Users

DAI, USDT, and USDC require a transaction fee paid in ETH, so it would be useful to keep a small amount of ETH (0.1 to 0.2 ETH) in your wallet.
The values of the table columns are:
Asset : The cryptocurrency represented in that row.
Estimated Value (USD): The estimated value of the corresponding cryptocurrency in U.S. Dollars at this specific time.
Current APY: The current interest rate for the corresponding cryptocurrency.
Earn: Toggle “Yes” or “No” depending on whether you wish to earn interest on your crypto assets for the corresponding cryptocurrency.
Actions: Select either “Deposit” to deposit cryptocurrency into your wallet or “Withdraw” to withdraw cryptocurrency from your wallet.
Above the table you can view Total Interest Earned in USD.
If you want to get help, you can click on the “Chat” box in the bottom right corner of the Cryptolocally platform, email your questions to